Friday, 25 November 2016

Fact: 10 Types Of Bad Friends You Should Remove From Your Life.

Bad Friends You Should Remove From Your Life

You're probably wondering how the type of friends you keep correlates with living a healthy life. Well, considering the fact that current statistics on suicide shows that up to 15% of those who are clinically depressed die by suicide. In 1997, suicide was the 8th leading cause of death in the United States. 10.6 out of every 100,000 persons died by suicide. Now these numbers wouldn't have been so high if these unfortunate people had really good friends to talk them out of it, don't you think? However, instead of talking you out of it, many of our friends actually drive us crazy with their annoying, difficult, demanding, or otherwise unpleasant attitude.

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These toxic friends, as I prefer to call themmay seem like fun at times or even feel like thrilling risk takers, but when the going gets tough, true character is exposed and you are unfortunately at the receiving end of things. Below are 10 types of bad friends you should remove from your life.

1. The Cheater: Many friendships have crumbled because a best friend hit on a friend’s romantic partner. There's nothing more disheartening than losing your girlfriend (or boyfriend) to your best friend. To avoid making best friends with this type of people, avoid the sneaky flirts, the sweet talkers and generally, people who try flattering you and talking like you mean the world to them. You’d be better off with someone who’s more true and down to earth with their claims. Cheating leads to breakup, which is very hard to get over except you're strong emotionally. On the morning of April 24 in South West England, an unfortunate incident occurred involving 19 year-old Harry Stallworthy, who committed suicide after he struggled to get over the break up with his former girlfriend.

2. The Competitor: Any kind of competition is healthy in a relationship but when claws start to come out and things get extremely competitive between friends, things can get very ugly. Avoid friends who see everything as competition and are more than willing to go the extra mile to ensure they come out on top.

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3. The Leech: A friend who constantly borrows your stuff or money or depends too much on you is one that definitely needs to be avoided. No one wants a one sided relationship. If all your friend does is take from you, without giving anything back in the friendship, there’s no point in being friends anymore. If they’re looking for one, tell them to take a one way trip out of your life.

4. The Copycat: Imitation is considered to be the sincerest form of flattery, but a friend who looks or behaves like your photocopy machine can be very scary. It clearly shows he/she lack self-esteem and self-worth and this is just totally not the type of person you should associate with if you want to improve yourself.

5. The Shrink: All of us confide in our friends and ask for advice, but when your friend starts acting like a paid shrink who always picks flaws in your life or relationships, it can get very annoying and depressing especially if you already suffer from low self-esteem. Depression is a common but serious mood disorder. It causes severe symptoms that affect how you feel, think, and may eventually lead to suicide.

6. The Selfish Friend: This type of friend can go to any lengths for their benefit, but behaves passively when you ask for help.

7. The Wild Child: Dangerous and unstable is how you define this type. You usually get in trouble or always end up having to save your friend from trouble. We all have these kind of friends in our lives. It may seem fun sometimes, but eventually the fun crashes and you both could get into serious trouble.

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8. The Whiner: This type of friend is never satisfied with anything they have, and they spend all their time whining and grumbling about how the world is so unfair to them. This behavior can easily be copied unconsciously so stay away from Whiners if you don't want to be one.

9. The Mood Killer: This friend intentionally or unintentionally kills the mood as soon as they enter into a conversation with you. They always seem to find a flaw in anything you say, do or have, be it your clothes or your love life. They are like the dark cloud hovering over you on a sunny day. Nothing positive ever comes out of their mouth. They are never short of sarcastic comments or depressing thoughts.

10. The Crazy: This friend is partially bonkers because their mood swings change from being nice to totally snappy in seconds without any provocation. And this friend may just use you like a punching bag to express their feelings, be it frustrations or happiness. Who needs to be around someone whose moods swing like a pendulum?

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Life can be a bed of roses when you have the perfect friends to share it with, but if you have to put up with these ten types of friends, all you’d find is frustrations, depression and complete insanity. Spot the toxic friends in your life and stay away from them, for your own good.
Thanks for reading. This isn't the usual health or science tip you were expecting but it's something I really had to share. We must fight depression and low self-esteem and this fight begins with you. Share this with your Friends using the share buttons below and help them identify and Terminate Toxic friends to ensure they live a healthy life.


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