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Health: 10 Surprising Things You May Be Addicted To.

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Sometimes, when you hear the word 'addiction', your mind quickly starts conjuring images of people under the influence of hardcore drugs such as cocaine and marijuana. Funny enough, we're all addicts in our little (or big) way. There are certain things we do, places we go, things we eat or drugs we take that provide some kind of stimuli or sensation to the brain that's unlike anything you have ever felt in your entire life and your body keeps craving more and more.

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The brain attaches a great deal of importance to that 'thing', seeing it as quick feel-good means and you consequently get addicted. If that's your case, then Houston, we have a problem. Addiction is a condition characterised by compulsive engagement in rewarding stimuli, despite adverse consequences. It is the fact or condition of being addicted to a particular substance, thing, or activity. So with this post, we're going to identify and tackle some of our addictions. Sit back, relax and let's play a game. 😏  After reading this, I want you to type in the comments which one (or more) of the 10 addictions below you suffer from. Simple right? Let's get on with it then, here are 10 surprising things you may be addicted to.

Surprising addiction 1: Surfing the internet

You can never really think of a more pleasant way to pass time than spending time browsing the internet. Surfing the internet is surely one of the best ways to relax on the planet. It strangely has a way of meeting our every need and altering our mood; If you're lonely there are dating sites that promise to find you the perfect partner, If you're just bored to death You can just check out funny and amazing videos on YouTube, there's Facebook, News etc. All these are available at just a swipe of your Smartphone's screen.

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However, researchers in China revealed that internet addiction actually alters the brain in a similar way addiction to drugs and alcohol does. It is thought that sufferers of Internet addiction disorder (IAD) could face similar symptoms to those suffering from other addictions, including withdrawal symptoms. One study of users of internet-ready smartphones found that many are so addicted to their device they now hear “phantom vibrations” in their desperation to receive a message. Sometimes I even hear my cell phone ring in my head when in reality, my cellphone's battery is flat.

Surprising addiction 2: Falling in love

We all know that one person who goes from relationship to relationship, never seeming to spend more than five minutes alone. You may think that there is no greater feeling than having someone care and love you for no apparent reason (even if there is). Everyone wants to find love someday (I really do 😟), but if you find yourself jumping from one relationship to another with the inability to stay single for a month, then you're addicted to falling in love. Yep, that heart-racing, euphoric feeling of falling in love... turns out you can get hooked on it.

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According to psychologist Arthur Aron, who led a study investigating love addiction, falling in love activates the same system in the brain as drug addiction, making you crave that feeling again as soon as the first flush of love starts to fade. You find yourself crushing on almost every beautiful girl you see until eventually you get crushed. If that's your story, I want to see your comment below.

Surprising addiction 3: Sugar

Everyone seems to be writing songs about 'Sugar' lately, describing ladies or lips to be "♪ Sweet like sugar, Love so sweet like sugar ♪ ", and many other weird lyrics. Well, I can't really blame them. We all crave our favourite sweet treat from time to time, but did you know that you may actually be addicted to snacks such as doughnuts and chocolate? Studies have suggested that when we eat sugary snacks, chemicals called Opioids are released in the brain, leading to intense feelings of pleasure, and it is this feeling we often crave in the absence of sugar. In fact, according to research by a University of California team, sugar is both as damaging and as addictive as both alcohol and cigarettes. Some sugary foods are dangerous and could cause you some serious health problems.

Surprising addiction 4: Tattoos and piercings

While it may sound impossible for people to get addicted to having their bodies inked and pierced from head to toe, many people who start out with the intention of getting one tattoo or piercing will feel compelled to get more, which can feel like an addiction.

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While it is debatable whether this is a true addiction, it is certainly a compulsion for many, which may be partly down to the rush of feel-good Endorphins which are released during the process of getting a tattoo to help you cope with the pain.

Surprising addiction 5: Work

Almost everyone looks forward to weekends and TGIFs so that they can finally escape the stress and tension associated with their jam-packed schedules on weekdays. There are actually some people who suffer from work addiction and these weekends we so much crave for to stay away from the office or school may not be quite as treasured. While many of us jokingly use the term “workaholic”, research suggests this is a real condition that can jeopardise sufferers’ health and relationships – it is not simply a case of “working hard”.

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According to a Spanish study, around 12% of workers in Spain suffer from the addiction, while in Japan “death by overwork(karoshi) is thought to cause an estimated 1000 deaths per year. If you would rather spend 80% of your time working than spend time building relationships and hanging out with friends and family, you may be suffering from work addiction.

Surprising addiction 6: Tanning

Research findings published in the journal, Addiction Biology, suggest that exposure to ultraviolet rays in the form of sunshine or tanning beds can cause changes in brain activity similar to drug addiction, keeping you hooked on tanning. According to Dr Bryon Adinoff, an author of the study, the brain responds to UV light in areas that are associated with reward, causing some people to develop an addiction (Tanorexia) despite the potentially fatal health risks of tanning.

Surprising addiction 7: Video games

Ahh! Here is my favourite addiction. I'm a typical Football Manager addict. Yeah, I know it's bad but I can't go 30 minutes in a day without thinking of my next match, my next tactic, why I lost a previous match, what players to buy next... You get the idea. Across the world, teenagers are holed up in their rooms in front of television or computer screens feverishly playing video games, yet research suggests this may not be as harmless as it seems.

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A 2006 BBC-reported lecture revealed that 12% of online gamers polled reported some addictive behaviours, while many countries across the world have set up treatment centres to deal with this growing addiction. Just like any addiction, compulsive gaming can jeopardise relationships and careers, and there have even been cases of excessive gamers dying from exhaustion.

Surprising addiction 8: Shopping

Most of us love buying something new, whether it is the latest life-enhancing gadget or a gift for a loved one (iPhone 7 😃 ). However, for some, buying new things can become a destructive addiction. Shopping addiction, or Oniomania,  is thought to be caused by a rush of endorphin and dopamine which cause the shopper to experience a temporary “high feeling” which they want to experience again and again. Many shopping addicts use shopping as a way to escape from negative feelings or situations in their life, however, the addiction can actually lead to further problems both financially and emotionally.

Surprising addiction 9: Lip balm

While not a chemical addiction compared to that of alcohol and cigarettes, applying lip balm can definitely be habit-forming. This is because while lip balm offers a temporary moisture boost for dry lips, it can interfere with the process of cellular turnover and the production of natural moisture, leading you to apply more and more lip balm to counter these drying effects.

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While it may not be life-threatening or recognised as an official illness, many websites and Facebook groups have been set up dedicated to this potentially expensive addiction.

Surprising addiction 10: Music

We all have our favourite songs, the ones we listen to over and over again until we eventually start to hate it, but did you ever consider you could be addicted to your favourite music? According to a study by researchers at McGill University, you may well be. The study revealed that when we listen to music we experience a natural “high feeling” and our body releases dopamine, a neurotransmitter also released when people take drugs or eat pleasurable foods. According to the researchers, dopamine makes us want to repeat behaviours, which is the reason we can become addicted to our favourite music.
Okay, that was revealing. Now we had a deal before you started reading this and we agreed to play a game. We at ScienceHealth24 want you to type in the comment box which of the above 10 addictions you suffer from. It's pretty easy and wouldn't even take 15 Seconds of your time. At the end, we should be able to have an overview of which Addiction is more popular.  So let the comments begin. Thanks for reading, endeavour to share this with your friends using the share buttons below. Also, subscribe to our newsletter to get more amazing updates directly to mail as soon as they are posted.



  1. I think I am the one who is addicted of almost all the above mentioned things.But the sad part is I didn't realize it ever!

    1. Wow! That's scary... Well, I'm glad you know now.