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Infrared Sauna: The Ultimate Guide And Health Benefits.

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If you’ve ever suffered from the problem of Insomnia, you probably already know how traumatizing it can be to have to struggle every night just to get yourself a good night’s sleep. As a former sufferer of insomnia, I’d normally have a great and exciting day, but as soon as the sun starts to set, all that excitement washes down the drain and a certain fear would set in—would I be able to fall asleep? Many people in the world today probably see sleeping as the easiest thing to do, but not me. However, this was five years ago, and back then my life was not really in perfect shape. I was completely stressed and plagued with series of health issues, including high blood pressure and the stigma of being overweight. Fortunately enough, I got to find out about Infrared Saunas and my life took a turnaround even though I had my doubts, I wondered how sweating was going to help me in any way, and I was reluctant to give it a try. However, I’ve been sleeping like a baby ever since I had my first Infrared Sauna session and I’ve continued a steady routine of infrared sauna therapy. I’ve been able to discover the different ways this type of sauna benefits the body. Here are some of the ways Infrared Sauna can transform your body.


The Ultimate Guide to Far Infrared Sauna Health Benefits
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If you know anything about infrared saunas you probably already know that the principle is to increase your perspiration. The sweating is induced by sending infrared light waves into the tissues of your body, and you experience these waves as heat, and the fact that heat makes us sweat is a no-brainer. In order to sweat, your heart rate must increase to pump blood at a faster rate, sending more oxygenated blood throughout your body and burning more of your body’s energy reserves. This type of energy burn is a form of boosted metabolism, and there are many health benefits that come from putting your body into such a state.


Weight loss is one of the most common reasons people consider Saunas, at least initially, and I always assure them that weight loss is almost certain with a consistent infrared Sauna regimen. The human body’s metabolic rate is directly affected by cardiovascular exercise, and it responds directly to exercises such as swimming, jogging, or playing soccer. This is also true of using an infrared sauna.
A study done at Binghamton University found that using an infrared sauna three times a week can reduce body fat by about 4 percent over 4 months. For someone who weighs 175 pounds, that comes out to a 7 pound loss, and in this study participants did not change their diet or exercise habits at all. The researchers hypothesized that increasing the body’s temperature and metabolism in an infrared sauna elevated human growth hormone production, which helps the body break down fat.
I always tell folks looking to lose weight to be sure to drink plenty of water before and after use of the sauna, which will help speed up their metabolisms even more, and will also result in their craving water where they once reached for coffee, soda, or alcohol.


People who are on the treatment table having recently suffered certain kinds of injuries may also experience faster recovery times when they use Infrared Saunas. People with Joint injuries are generally warned to avoid infrared saunas for at least 48 hours following trauma, but those who have suffered bone fractures or muscle injuries should embrace it. The light absorbed by cells during use of an infrared sauna has been shown to stimulate the metabolism in muscle and bone.
NASA is conducting research right now to determine if the light emitted by LEDs, as well as that of infrared saunas, would help its astronauts and military personnel recover faster from injuries, particularly if they don’t have regular exposure to natural sunlight. Their studies have found that light therapy, and speeding up metabolism in bone and muscle, can help to prevent the atrophy of these body parts, and can increase the recovery rate in an environment without gravity. Basically, NASA is just confirming to be true in the laboratory what infrared saunas users have been feeling all along.

Before regular infrared sauna use, you might struggle to lose weight, have to drink extra coffee to wake up due to insomnia, and skip the gym because your sore muscles take days to recuperate.

The Ultimate Guide to Far Infrared Sauna Health Benefits
Image Source: Saunacloud

After regular infrared sauna use, you might see the results of exercise faster, sleep the required 8 hours with few disturbances, and be able to return to the gym the day after an intense workout.

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Infrared Sauna uses Infrared waves to cause increased sweating, which causes your heart to pump at a faster rate. With an increased heart rate, your blood vessels vasodilate, or widen, and more blood flows through the vessels and capillaries beneath the skin. Infrared Sauna therefore provides an incredible boost to your blood circulation. Increased blood circulation implies that there’s an increased supply of oxygen, Antibodies, nutrients, and hormones to the cells of the body. This increased circulation can improve numerous health conditions. It can benefit heart health, blood pressure, cortisol levels, stress, and even cause pain relief.


I had to take medication for high blood pressure before I started using infrared saunas, and I can tell you that suffering from high blood pressure is a very frightening condition. If left untreated, high blood pressure can cause heart failure, heart attacks, kidney disease, stroke, and vision loss.
On a more practical level, bad heart health and poor circulation can cause numbness or an irritating cold feeling in your toes and hands, as well as regular headaches. The benefits of improving your blood circulation and blood pressure include improved cell growth and organ function, which will have you feeling generally healthier and more energetic.


If you’ve ever had the nerve-wracking experience of speaking in front of a large group of people, you definitely know about our natural fight or flight mode. Stress makes your body automatically slip into this mode, releasing adrenaline and the stress hormone cortisol. But it doesn’t just take public speaking for these hormones to harm your body. Prolonged exposure to low levels of stress causes a constant release of cortisol and adrenaline into your body system that is harmful and potentially damaging to your immune system. This could cause you to retain more fat cells, leaving you prone to depression and insomnia.

I know from experience that lack of sleep can damage your health in so many different ways. It decreases brain function and weakens your immune system. If you’re serious about staying in shape, sleep is also the time when your body replaces and repairs all the damaged or worn-out tissues after a day’s stress, helping you recover and get stronger more quickly.
Infrared Saunas remove your body from flight or fight mode. Inside an infrared sauna, the body relaxes, blood vessels dilate, and you feel like you’ve just finished a workout session. For me, that feeling of relaxation generally lasts all day and into the night, helping me to sleep so much better. My own personal trick is to take a very hot shower right after using a sauna, which helps to lull my body into some of the best sleep I’ve ever had.


I know many people whose chronic pain problems faded away when they started regular infrared Sauna use. Infrared saunas relieve pain by producing heat that penetrates joints, muscles, tissues, and nerve endings. They also stimulate the production of additional white blood cells, which alleviate inflammation. Many health experts have come to consider inflammations to be the underlying cause of many ailments and health conditions today. The increased circulation caused by infrared saunas brings healthy, oxygenated blood to whatever area of the body is in need, reducing inflammation.

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Before regular infrared Saunas use, you might have to take daily medication to keep blood pressure low, sleep peacefully and feel foggy most days, and you may suffer from painful inflammation-related conditions such as asthma, ulcers and sinusitis.

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After regular infrared sauna use, you might get a pat on the back at the Doctor’s office for having a great blood pressure, you wake up every morning without the need of an alarm clock, excited to face the day, and smile more, free of nagging pain on a daily basis.


Detoxification is the process whereby toxic substances are inactivated and removed from the body before they can cause any damage. These substances include drugs, pollutants, preservatives, pesticides, heavy metals, and poison, among other things. Detoxification, I’ve found, is one of the main reasons people become interested in infrared saunas. Saunas do a good job of detoxification by “vibrating” water inside your cells, helping it move out of the cell and then out of the body taking toxins with it.

If left inside your body, these toxins can interact with enzymes and confuse cells in a way that keeps them from functioning normally. Documented illnesses stemming from toxicity include cancer, leukemia, liver disease, cardiovascular damage, anemia, nervous system disorders, kidney dysfunction, and reproductive impairment. Besides the potential to improve and prevent these health problems, detoxification can also benefit your appearance by affecting your skin.


Nobody really starts using infrared sauna to improve their skin appearance, but it’s been an amazing bonus. After using an infrared sauna, your skin becomes highly permeable as the blood vessels dilate and more blood comes to the surface to cool your body. Millions of sweat glands are activated, and these release and empty to your skin’s surface, purging heavy metals and other toxins from your skin layers. This purification process leaves your skin looking healthier, smoother, clearer, and softer.


Common pollutants in our environment like the smog and exhaust fumes from our machines cause toxins to accumulate in the body that can combine with other disease-causing factors. On a daily basis, toxins can weaken your immune system and leave you more susceptible to illness, as well as fatigue. If the cells in your body are not reproducing and functioning properly, all manner of routine tasks can become more difficult, leading to exhaustion that you would not otherwise suffer. When detoxified, these cells function better, leading to more energy and a general feeling of health.

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Before regular infrared sauna use, you might spend a lot of money on skincare products but still feel that your skin looks too dry or greasy most days, and always take the elevator since the stairs are just too tiring.

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After regular infrared sauna use, you might get compliments on your skin with less care products necessary, be surprised in the bathroom mirror by a smooth face, and even take the stairs for a bit of extra exercise whenever possible.


Well, it really depends. Maybe you don’t have issues with things like high blood pressure, insomnia, fatigue, or stress. If that’s the case, investing in an infrared sauna may not make a huge change in your life. However, if many of the symptoms above seem painfully familiar, I’d highly recommend at least testing an infrared sauna for a week or two.

Take it from me, there’s no reason to go on living like a sleepless zombie, struggling to exercise because of nagging body aches. There’s a broad range of potential benefits from infrared saunas, but in my experience those benefits all work together. The end result of regular infrared sauna use is the improvement of many separate facets of life that add up to an overall better quality of life.

There you have it, some of the few health benefits of Infrared Saunas. I hope this helps you understand the impact infrared saunas can have on your life. If you’d like more in-depth information on how an infrared sauna can help you with a specific health condition, the experts at Saunacloud will be happy to talk to you. At SaunaCloud, you can buy your infrared saunas and you can interact with experts. They can help you pick the right infrared sauna that fits your needs. Whether it’s made of cedar or spruce, for one person or four people, for inside or outdoors, you can get the best at SaunaCloud. Just give the sauna experts a call at SaunaCloud.

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3 Things To Look For In A Probiotic Supplement

We’ve all heard claims about the health benefits of probiotics, in fact, it’s become one of the biggest recent trends in health and nutrition. But what exactly are probiotics, and what makes supplements “good”?

Probiotics have always been a staple in the human diet through our various sources of food. In modern times, there’s been a shift to focus more on digestive health and for good reason. According to CNN,  the digestive system makes up 70-80% of our immune cells, so maintaining its health should be a high priority. Sources like Harvard note that probiotics can assist in managing various GI from diarrhea to ulcerative colitis. Probiotics are “good bacteria” (also known as microflora) which typically help in managing harmful gut bacteria by competing for space and resources within the body. Overall, probiotics can help with digestion, absorption of nutrients, and the immune system.

With all the benefits associated with probiotics, the team at chose to create a guide to finding a probiotic supplement to fit your needs. Throughout their process, they determined three key factors to keep in mind when looking for a probiotic supplement:

1. Colony Count

Probiotic supplements might seem like a pill or capsule, but they actually contain live bacterial cultures. In the field, the metric used to count the bacteria is called a “CFU” or colony-forming unit. This is an important number because you have to ingest enough of the probiotic cultures to experience the benefits. Aim for supplements that have at least 1 billion CFUS. While those with lower numbers can still be effective, this is a good area to aim for when you begin your search. It’s important to note that there are also formulas with a far greater number, though these are most often used under doctor supervision for specific GI or immune system issues. Consult with your doctor if you’re unsure what’s best for you.

2. What Is The Variety Of Bacteria?

Leading research shows that probiotics work best when there are more than one strain working together. Look for a formula with more than one strain — the better supplements can have 10+ strains. There aren’t specific strains that are better or worse, but some combinations of bacteria can be more effective at addressing specific GI issues. Some formulas may be specially designed for this purpose.

3. What Is The Viability Of  The Culture?

We all know to not ingest expired supplements, but this is particularly important when it comes to probiotics. Remember that the cultures start off live, though bacteria will naturally die over time. The expiration date on probiotics is actually a guarantee of the CFU number. That is to say that until the expiration date, the formula is guaranteed to have that number of CFUs. If the supplement has been sitting in the store or a cupboard for a long time, there could be dramatically fewer live bacteria when it comes time to consume, so also be sure to store properly.

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Overall, finding a formula that fits both your budget and your body’s needs is what’s most important. Keeping these factors in mind can help guide your search, but be sure to speak with your doctor if you have questions or concerns about what is best for you.

You can take a look at the full article from as well as their suggestions here