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Being the largest organ in our body, our skin plays an important role in fighting and preventing harmful substances (and radiations) from entering our body. Since our skin is always exposed to these threats, it is only wise for us to ensure proper skin hygiene and provide all the care our skin needs to be healthy.
This brings us to understanding our skin type and finding the right skincare routine. In recent times, there have been waves of skincare products flooding the markets. They make promises of the perfect skin — a skin that’s free from blemishes, freckles, patches, and spots. If you are lucky, you may get all of that, but in most cases, you will just end up slapping new products on your skin without results.

How Do I Know I Have Sensitive Skin?

While considering any of the numerous skincare products out there, one has to pay attention to how your skin reacts with different products. To avoid using harsh products or those that aren’t suitable for your skin, it’s best you discuss with your dermatologist and only buy from licensed sellers or any reputable brands.
So, how do you know you have sensitive skin? There is quite a long list of signs that could mean that you have. To be absolutely sure, it’s best you let your dermatologist examine you.
People with sensitive skin have reported one or a combination of the following:

  • Sore skin that’s sensitive to touch.
  • Patches of redness on the skin that may not fade.
  • Skin that dries out fast in winter (and also, during flights) and becomes excessively oily in summer.
  • Skin that itches, develops rashes, flakiness, uneven texture when you try new skincare.
  • Redness and skin often dries out after a hot bath.
  • These are just some of the symptoms people have reportedly experienced. Meanwhile, you should also have it at the back of your mind that symptoms of sensitive skin differ from one individual to the other.

It’s not unusual for people to complain about skin redness, stinging, burning, and even tightness after applying or using some skincare products. Others may not necessarily have physical or visible symptoms but would experience some sort of discomfort.

Long term or excessive exposure to weather elements like sun, wind, excessive cold, and heat. Another cause is skin disorders or allergies and an injured skin that can no longer protect its nerve endings - making them easily irritated by skincare products (which In turn leads to skin reactions.)
Other (common) causes include:

  • Prolonged use of hard water (water with high presence of dissolved minerals) 
  • Frequent hot baths or use of hot water
  • Hormonal changes (during menstrual cycles or pregnancy) and lack of sleep
  • Stress
  • Excessive amounts of chlorine in swimming pools
  • Dry skin and dehydration.

Other factors include genetic, geographic factors, age, gender, and race differences (in skin sensitivity) also play roles in skin reactions and sensitivity.
As the popular saying goes: “looking good is good business.” However, wearing a spotless, toned, and ageless skin isn’t about splashing and slapping on every skincare product you come across.

Also, the alarming rate of skin cancers demands an increased level of alertness while making the choice of what comes in contact with our skin and eventually enters the body.
We will share a list of some reliable sensitive skin products and brands you should consider for high-quality and effective skincare products.

This brand of skincare has done exceptionally well in providing a remedy to different skin conditions from (acne) breakouts to anti-aging formulas. You have a wide range of products to choose from at Peter Thomas Roth's clinical skincare. Some products on their listings include redness-reducing, Treatment primer, Pro strength lactic pore treatment for skin clarity & radiance. They also have a remarkable Summer Sun Care Kit that protects you from harmful radiations while going about your day’s business or while having fun at the beach. They’ve got excellent sensitive skin treatment serums that will leave your skin in the best condition you want it.

For some, this brand’s products may be a bit pricey, but we can attest to its potency. They have incredible skincare kits for people with sensitive skin challenges. You could consider using their popular vitamin C serum to keep you safe from environmental damage like infrared radiations and ozone pollution which is the leading cause of skin sensitivity. Every one of their skin product is dermatologist recommended — from antioxidants, sunscreens, to skincare systems. 

Regardless of your skin type, this American brand offers astounding skincare solutions including treatments for people with sensitive skin. They have amazing products for redness and irritation, as well as for dryness and dehydration, which are common symptoms of sensitive skin types. You can also find other products that are suitable for sensitive skin like moisturizers and excess oil control. Interestingly all of these brands don’t cost fortunes and are easy to pick up from online stores and cosmetic shops near you.

Cleansers and moisturizers are effective for managing sensitive skin. LA MER brand offers astounding products that will help in skin rejuvenation and clearing of pores. You can also get excellent products to help heal dryness and soothe sensitive skin.

If you are looking for skincare products made from natural ingredients to soothe your skin, then we suggest you go for this brand. They boast of providing lasting relief from skin dryness, dehydration, and sensitive skin challenges like eczema - Their acceptance by the National Eczema Association is proof of their excellence. You can also get quality products for uneven skin texture and anti-aging formulas.

So, if you or someone you know is ever in need are in need of skincare products; ( especially for those with sensitive skin), you should consider any of these brands and be rest assured that you are getting nothing short of the best.

More Brands To Consider For High-Quality Sensitive Skincare Products?
Other brands we recommend based on a long history of their passion for delivering unique skincare treatments include but not limited to:

Mario Badescu
Sisley Paris
True Botanicals

You can find them on popular online stores like,,,,,, and Amazon. So, you don’t have to surf the entire internet for your beauty and skincare kits.
Don’t let your sensitive skin take away your confidence and self-esteem. Hopefully, this article provides insight on what sensitive skin is all about, and where to get reliable skincare products. Get value for your money with lasting skin treatments and solutions!